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Сценарий праздника День Валентина на английском языке

День Валентина – это особенный день для того, чтобы сказать особенные слова своему любимому или любимой, и отметить такое великое чувство как любовь!

В День Валентина влюбленные выражают свои чувства, даря прекрасные подарки друг другу.

В этот замечательный праздник, День Валентина, люди показывают свои чувства такими словами: Я Люблю Тебя, Ты мне нужен, я не могу без тебя ……

Для изучающих английский язык, мы предлагаем несколько поздравлений с Днем Валентина (Valentines Day) на английском языке.

I want to send my dearest friend
A special valentine,
With X's, O's, and hearts and bows,
So she'll know that she's mine.
And 'way up in the corner, too,
I'll draw a little dove,
Then underneath, this message sweet,
"To Mom, with all my love!"

"Hello, Postman, have you any
Valentine among so many
That someone has sent to me?
Could you look in your bag and see?
Valentine, Valentine,
I sure hope that there's one that's mine!
Postman, please, could you look and see
If there's one in your bag for me?"

"Yes, I'm sure I came upon it,
One with your name written on it;
Now you've no need to be blue,
Hear these words that they wrote to you:
'Valentine, Valentine,
Be my own little Valentine!'
copyright -
I believe this was sent to you,
From a friend who is tried and true.

"Valentine, Valentine,
I'm so glad that there's one that's mine!
Now I know that I won't be blue,
For I've found a friend who's true."

The buzzing bees love the clover patch,
The flowers, they love the dew,
The little birds love the apple tree,
But I love you!

The sunshine, it kisses the mountainside,
The stars in the sky kiss the sea,
But I'd be the happiest boy (girl) on earth
If you'd kiss me!

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